Jami Attenberg

“One of the threads through much of my work over the last fourteen years has been a dissection of how men treat women...These kinds of stories are eternal.”

Bestselling author Jami Attenberg has captivated readers with her unparalleled observations about the way women move through the world. Her forthcoming novel All This Could Be Yours arrives at the perfect moment to illuminate the conversation about the abuses women endure from men in positions of power and privilege. The story begins as a once-prosperous New York City developer lays dying, exiled to a strange city. Victor Tuchman’s rapid decline forces his discreet wife Barbra and his strong-willed daughter Alex to confront the trajectory that brought them to his bedside in New Orleans. Different as they may be, both have made a series of uneasy compromises in the shadow of his horrific behavior. But what emerges from their respective versions of the story is the closest thing to the truth, one that offers the current (and future) Tuchmans their best hope to escape the darkness of their past. To move forward, they must confront their own ideas about family, justice and community to determine what an “inheritance” really means.

“Attenberg’s works of fiction raise the voices of feisty female protagonists…[her] wit and scathing social observations...offer up an affectionate, insightful portrait of her tribe.”
--The Washington Post

Jami Attenberg is the author of seven novels, including The Middlesteins, which appeared on the New York Times bestseller list when it was published in 2012 and All Grown Up. She has contributed essays to the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times, and Longreads, among other publications. She was also a finalist for both the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction and the St. Francis College Literary Prize.  She lives in New Orleans.