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Hermione Hoby

I hope, in a very oblique and unquantifiable way, that writing novels can be of some political, ethical, and moral use

Called “A writer of extreme intelligence, insight, style and beauty” by Ann Patchett, journalist and cultural critic Hermione Hoby brought her unique perspective and her eye for shimmering detail to render a frenetic New York City romance in her 2018 novel Neon In Daylight. Her most recent novel, Virtue, returns to New York City in the aftermath of the new decade's upheavals. 

“[Hoby] might have just written the defining New York City novel of our fraught, socially anxious, and politically tumultuous times.” —Interview

Hoby's engagement with and inspiration from artists across disciplines combine with her witty and incisive observations to give her readings the feeling of a downtown literary salon. Hoby is also a uniquely qualified observer of the current state of journalism and how it intersects with artists and celebrities. She’s a winning and urbane reader for a wide variety of audiences.

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