Elizabeth Rosner

How does atrocity defy memory and simultaneously demand to be remembered? How do we collectively mark it and honor it -- while addressing its inevitably convoluted aftermath? As we examine the inheritance of trauma within the mosaic of history, is it ever possible to move beyond it?

Elizabeth Rosner's powerful and stunning memoir SURVIVOR CAFE takes a multifaceted approach in exploring the phenomenon of intergenerational trauma and the way both the body and the culture. Melding the latest research on epigenetics with her own experience as the child of two holocaust survivors, Rosner presents a timely and moving examination of the challenges of confronting and remembering the past. She trains her unique perspective on descendents of African American Slaves, survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings and the US population after 9/11 and examines critically the way these events are remembered - what is kept in the story and what is left out, what happens to the voices that tell it when immediate witnesses begin to pass. Ultimately, Rosner’s work is a tribute to power of telling stories, understanding the past, and bearing witness to -and honoring the memories of- those who lived it.

“Mixing the personal with the historical and the literary with the scholarly, Rosner achieves a breathtaking overview of events as varied as the Holocaust, the Vietnam War, the Rwandan genocide, and Japanese American internment. Her impressive, highly readable Survivor Café takes on important issues of atrocity, trauma, and memory, rendering them all with such great clarity and intimacy that the reader will not soon forget them, or this powerful book.” -- Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sympathizer

Elizabeth Rosner is the bestselling author of three novels and a poetry collection. Her writing has on Prix France Bleu Gironde; the Great Lakes Colleges Award for New Fiction; and Hadassah Magazine's Ribalow Prize, judged by Elie Wiesel.  Rosner’s essays have appeared in the NY Times Magazine, Elle, the Forward, and several anthologies; her poems have been published by Poetry Magazine, Catamaran, Poetry East, Southern Poetry Review, and many other journals. She travels widely to lead intensive writing workshops, to lecture on contemporary literature, and to visit with book groups. Her book reviews appear frequently in the San Francisco Chronicle.